Entry & Décor

Entry & Décor
McKenzie Beveled Mirror
SKU: 1500FST
Size: 42 1/2 x 28 3/4
Price: $355.00
McKenzie Rectangular Mirror
SKU: 1505GAC
Size: 42 1/2 x 35 1/2
Price: $415.00
Addison Beveled Mirror
Size: 35.75"x1.25"x32.75"
Price: $389.00
Addison Rectangular Mirror
Size: 46"x1.25"x35.75"
Price: $429.00
Ellison Rectangular Mirror
SKU: 2171AST
Size: 46 x 35 3/4
Price: $429.00
Riona 2 Tier Coat Rack - 'Merlot'
SKU: 3058
Size: 19.5x19.5x71.5
Price: $45.00
*SALE* - Carapace Circle
SKU: 3220060
Size: 24 x 1 x 24
Price: $77.00
Catalina Rectangular Mirror
SKU: 3316SAN
Size: 45-3/4"W x 1-3/4"D x 35-1/2"H
Price: $525.00
Catalina Octagonal Mirror
SKU: 3318SAN
Size: 32"W x 2"D x 32"H
Price: $439.00
Carrie 3-panel Folding Screen - 'Natural/White'
SKU: 4621
Size: 52x0.75x70.25
Price: $109.00
Carrie 3-panel Folding Screen - 'Black/White'
SKU: 4622
Size: 52x0.75x70.25
Price: $149.00
Shaker Rectangular Mirror - Use Horizontal or Vertical
SKU: 6145
Size: 29.5x1.5x39
Price: $265.00
Shaker Arch Moulding Mirror
SKU: 6147
Size: 41.5x1.5x39
Price: $289.00
Heritage Mirror
SKU: 6247
Size: 41.5x1.5x39
Price: $289.00
*SALE* - Elegant Burlap Canvas Wine Lovers Art
SKU: 6CB874898
Size: 19" x 1.5" x 19"
Price: $39.00
*SALE* - Decorative Cutlery Set
SKU: 6M375
Size: 9 x 1 x 39
Price: $94.00
Damis Black 3 Panel Room Divider
SKU: 900102
Size: 52x0.75x70.25
Price: $115.00
Devlin Coat Rack with 6 Hooks - 'Grey'
SKU: 900632
Size: 19x19x71.75
Price: $59.00
Devlin Coat Rack with 6 Hooks - 'Walnut'
SKU: 900633
Size: 19x19x71.75
Price: $59.00
Achelle Coat Rack with 11 Hooks - 'Golden Brown'
SKU: 900759
Size: 20.75x20.75x74.75
Price: $105.00
Mila Foldable 3-panel Screen - 'Walnut & Linen'
SKU: 962923
Size: 52x0.75x70.25
Price: $155.00
Parawood Entry Bench
SKU: BE-150
Size: 50x15x20
Price: $305.00
Delancy Mango Hall Tree - 'Natural'
SKU: PDU-133
Size: 25"L x 17.5"W x 72"H
Price: $499.00
Parawood Hanging Shelf
SKU: SH-150
Size: 50x11x17
Price: $225.00
Parawood Cottage Mirror
SKU: WW BD-2050
Size: 29.5x1.75x32
Price: $129.00
Parawood Jamestown Mirror
SKU: WW BD-5050
Size: 27.5x.75x32.5
Price: $155.00
Parawood Lancaster Mirror
SKU: WW BD-7050
Size: 27.5x.75x32.5
Price: $149.00

Welcome Home: Discover Our Entryway Essentials!

Step into comfort and style with Natural Furniture's collection of entryway essentials. Our handpicked selection includes everything you need to create a warm and inviting entry space, from mirrors and coat racks to hall trees and entry benches.

Transform your foyer into a functional and fashionable area that sets the tone for your home. Our mirrors add depth and light to your space, while our coat racks keep outerwear organized and easily accessible. Need extra storage? Our hall trees offer a convenient solution with hooks and shelves for jackets, bags, and more.

And don't forget about our entry benches – perfect for taking off your shoes or setting down your bags as you come through the door. With a variety of styles and finishes available, you're sure to find the perfect piece to complement your home's aesthetic.

Visit our showroom today to explore our collection in person and find the perfect entryway essentials for your home. Call us at 503-284-0655 for more information.