Addison Panel Chest Bed
SKU: 2018Duet
Size: 65.5"x84"x50"
Price: $2,441.00
Addison Adjustable Chest Bed
Size: 63.75"x84"x50"
Price: $2,441.00
Shiplap Bed
SKU: 51298/612981
Price: $804.00
Shiplap Bed - 'Driftwood/Snow White'
SKU: 51298DSW/612981DSW
Price: $1,010.00
Alder Storage Bed - 6 Drawer
SKU: 60362/60302/60330/60370
Price: $2,509.00
Alder Storage Bed - Low
SKU: 60363/60302/60331/60370
Price: $2,137.00
Slat Headboard
SKU: 61153
Size: 64.5"x3"x55"
Price: $499.00
Raised Panel Headboard
SKU: 61198
Size: 64.5"x3"x55"
Price: $535.00
Slat Bed
SKU: 61253/612981
Price: $884.00
Raised Panel Bed
SKU: 61298/612981
Price: $874.00
Slat Bed - Low Footboard
SKU: 61353/612981
Price: $858.00
Essential Bed
SKU: 61382/612981
Price: $788.00
Alder Storage Bed - Tall
SKU: 61498/60302/60320/60370
Price: $2,697.00
Alder Chest Bed - Tall Blank
SKU: 61598/60302/60310/60370
Price: $2,109.00
Plank Headboard
SKU: 62198
Size: 64.5"x3"x53"
Price: $439.00
Plank Bed
SKU: 62298/612981
Price: $794.00
Open Panel Platform Bed
SKU: 63291/632983/632984
Price: $879.00
Modern Platform Bed
SKU: 63298/632983/632984
Price: $879.00
Pine Claudette Bed
SKU: MAK 1400-Q
Size: 64"x39"x83"
Price: $746.00
Pine Soho Bed
SKU: MAK 1700-Q
Size: 63"x42"x85"
Price: $746.00
Laguna Pine Twin/Twin Bunk Bed (price for frame / 6-slats only)
SKU: TW4520and4521
Size: 80x45x62
Price: $843.00
Laguna Twin/Full Pine Bunk Bed (Price for frame / 6-slats only)
SKU: TW4522 and TW4523
Size: 80x60x62
Price: $1,075.00
Wrangler Pine Twin/Twin Bunk Bed (price for frame / 6-slats only)
SKU: TW4710and4711
Size: 78"L x 43"D x 61"H
Price: $558.00
Addison Panel Bed
Size: 65.5"x85"x50"
Price: $1,350.00
Alder McKenzie Mantel Rail Bed
SKU: WH 2346-CAF
Price: $1,575.00
Alder McKenzie Mantel Rail Bed
SKU: WH 2346-GAC
Price: $1,575.00
Addison Adjustable Platform Bed
Size: 65.75"x89"x46"
Price: $1,626.00
Addison Adjustable Black Walnut Platform Bed
Size: 65.75"x89"x43"
Price: $1,626.00
Parawood Mission Bed
Size: NA
Price: $567.00
Parawood Lancaster Bed
Size: NA
Price: $699.00
Farmhouse Chic Bed
Price: $1,063.00

Due to recent fluctuations in the price of wood prices are subject to change. Please call us for prices and any other questions you may have!

Wooden Bedroom Furniture in Portland, OR

No other material says quality like solid wood furniture. When you choose unfinished wooden beds, dressers, and night tables for your bedroom furniture, you can guarantee their longevity while enjoying a range of different styles, including shaker, mid-century modern, mission, and many more.

Your unfinished wooden bedroom furniture can be stained or painted in a wide variety of colors and finishes to complement everything from modern and industrial designs to rustic and country living decors. If you’re looking for solid wood bedroom furniture at an affordable price, then visit Natural Furniture for the widest selection of unfinished and custom wood furniture in Portland, OR.

Create your own bedroom set

We spend at least one-third of our lives in our bedrooms so it’s pretty important to properly furnish it for a comfortable night’s rest while ensuring it has the appropriate amount of storage place to keep the area uncluttered for a peaceful surrounding conducive to sleep. Wooden furniture offers a warmth to your bedroom interior that can help you get your much-needed beauty sleep.

By purchasing your bedroom set unfinished, you receive the high quality and durability associated with solid wood at a lower price. And the best part is that you can choose the exact finish, color, and wood to perfectly suit your style. Build your dream bedroom set by choosing from the following pieces of unfinished wooden furniture:

Armoires and wardrobes

Armoires and wardrobes offer the perfect combination of hanging room and storage space for dresses, suits, pants, shirts, belts, and even shoes. You can choose from a number of sizes and we even make custom wooden furniture to fit your room’s dimensions perfectly. 

Beds and chest beds

With our selection of unfinished wooden beds, you won’t have to visit anywhere else. We have wooden sleigh beds, panel beds, cottage beds, mantel rail beds, and chest beds with many storage options. All of these are available in twin, double/full, queen and king sizes.

Chests and Dressers

You find the perfect chest and/or dresser for every bedroom of your home or cottage at Natural Furniture. Choose from five-drawer tall chests, cascade chests, lingerie chests, two-drawer benches and many more styles. You’ll find a long-lasting solid wood dresser or chest at an affordable price. You do the finishing or you can ask us too!

Wooden headboards and footboards

Made your bed more elegant and luxurious with a solid wood headboard and/or footboard from Natural Furniture. We have basic headboards and bookcase headboards available in all bed sizes.


Nightstands are often overlooked when it comes to bedroom furniture, but they’re a crucial element for comfort and convenience. Where are you going to place your current “can’t-put-it-down” book or that rejuvenating glass of water? We have a wide range of wooden nightstands with various drawer options, handles, and decorative trims.

Solid woods that lasts a lifetime

All of our bedroom furniture is made from solid wood, including pine, alder, parawood (otherwise known as rubberwood) and more. You’ll get a long-lasting, top quality bedroom set at an affordable price when you choose unfinished furniture from Natural Furniture. When you visit us, you have an endless number of options!

Ready to furnish your home’s bedrooms with custom wood? Contact us or call 503-284-0655 to speak with our knowledgeable team!