Childrens Furniture

Parawood Tots Chair
Size: 13.5x11.5x13.75
Price: $45.00
Parawood Three-Piece Juvenile Set
Size: NA
Price: $175.00
Parawood Windsor Rocker
Size: 15x11x29
Price: $91.00
Parawood Mission Juvenile Table
Size: 32x25x22
Price: $115.00
Parawood Youth Chair
Size: 13.75x10x22.5
Price: $91.00
Parawood Mission Juvenile Chair
Size: 13x12x26
Price: $49.00
Pine Mission Bunk Bed
Size: NA
Price: $469.00
Parawood Bunk Bed
Size: 78.25x53x69.5
Price: $900.00
Parawood Mission Youth Chair
Size: 18.25x13.5x34.75
Price: $97.00
Parawood Youth Extra Chair
Size: 18x13x18
Price: $48.00
Parawood Juvenile Chair
Size: 13.5x15x28
Price: $56.00
Parawood Childs Table
Size: 20x26x22
Price: $81.00
Parawood Childs Table with Lift Up Top
Size: 24x33x22
Price: $163.00
Parawood Square Juvenile Table
Size: 32x32x22
Price: $149.00
Parawood Student Desk, Espresso
Size: 36x20x30

Wood Children’s Furniture in Portland, OR

As your child continues to grow, you want to make sure you upgrade the furniture in their bedroom to match their growing needs, and since kids can be rough on furniture, you’ll want something strong and durable enough to withstand their roughhousing and play.

Natural Furniture in Portland offers durable, beautiful children’s furniture from all-natural wood that will last through your youngster’s youth and well into adulthood. Whatever you need for the room, we have it at an affordable price.

Why wood?

Nature makes no mistakes. Natural wood has a durability and strength that no other material can match. Wood furniture can take dings and scratches without batting an eye, and if your children are playing and bump into it, it won’t just crumple under the force. Trees can withstand storms, tornadoes, years of rain, and wind. Our wood can certainly withstand anything your child can throw at it.

When it comes to appearance, there’s something about natural wood that is like no other. It gives a feeling of comfort and home to any room, and it can add a quaint charm to a child’s bedroom or playroom. Plus, when you buy unfinished children’s furniture from us, you can customize it to your heart’s content: You choose the finish, the species, and the final look of the piece to truly make it your own and match it to your home’s décor. You can choose what type of wood you want for different appearances and qualities to fit whatever design or theme you need, but no matter what you go with, you can be assured that when you’re shopping for children’s furniture with Natural Furniture, you’re getting the highest quality wood furniture and best prices in the Portland area.

Bunk beds

Bunk beds allow you to comfortably and stylishly sleep two children in the same room without wasting space that could be used for playing. They’re practical, comfortable, and children love them. The wood furniture’s strength and holding power are incredible, and you can choose from exquisite designs such as the parawood or pine mission beds. They come unfinished, so you can choose the exact finish you want to go with your child’s room.


As your kids grow, they’ll need space and a strong surface for crafts, activities, writing, snacking, playing, and more. Children’s furniture needs to be durable, especially if they’re playing on it, so our children’s tables are all natural wood furniture to give you just that. Parawood children’s tables are perfect for kids’ bedrooms, and they come in different sizes, like child and juvenile. If you need storage, we have tables available that offer storage space, such as lift-top tables and desks with drawers.


Kids’ bedrooms wouldn’t be complete without a quality set of chairs. We offer different styles and sizes to fit your exact needs, no matter what age your child is. From simple straight-back chairs to beautiful children-sized Windsor rockers, Natural Furniture has stylish options that are great choices for your children.

Choosing the perfect children’s furniture to go in your kids’ bedrooms doesn’t have to be hard. Wood furniture is durable and stylish, and Natural Furniture’s customization options give you free reign to perfect the style and finish of any children’s furniture you purchase.