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Whitewood Masterfinish Polyurethane Gel Wipe On Finishes

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Your home is a natural reflection on you. When choosing wood finishes or paint stains for your wood furniture and moldings, think of the mood you want reflected in your room. Whether it be relaxing, fun, romantic, or exciting, the color scheme for your walls, moldings, and furniture should all work together to create the perfect mood.

Recommended for unfinished, new wood surfaces and previously finished wood surfaces that have been stripped and sanded to bare wood. These wipe on finishes are specially formulated, fast drying, clear synthetic oils designed to enhance the natural beauty of all types of woods, and offer excellent clarity and outstanding moisture and alcohol resistance.

Whitewood Masterfinish colors that can be used as either a paint or stain

  • All stains and paints have a built in polyurethane gel…stain and sealer in one can
  • Easy to use
  • Shows no lap marks
  • Maintains uniform color
  • Resists water and alcohol
  • Non fading
  • Dries in 4-6 hours
  • Non drip formula
  • Recommended for interior use only
  • All Whitewood Masterfinish gel wipe on products can be thinned with mineral spirits
WM02 Snow WhiteWM04 Red PepperWM05 MossWM06 Lemon Meringue
WM02 Snow White

AG02 Aged Snow White

WM04 Red Pepper

AG04 Aged Red Pepper

WM05 Moss

AG05 Aged Moss

WM06 Lemon Meringue

AG06 Aged Lemon Meringue

WM07 CeleryWM08 Exalted BlueWM09 Periwinkle Blue
WM07 Celery

AG07 Aged Celery

WM08 Exalted Blue

AG08 Aged Exalted Blue

WM09 Periwinkle Blue

AG09 Aged Periwinkle Blue

WM12 Sea Mist

AG12 Aged Sea Mist

WM17 Antique PineWM18 Khaki
WM16 Canary

AG16 Aged Canary

WM17 Antique PineWM18 Khaki

AG18 Aged Khaki

WM20 Sage

AG20 Aged Sage

WM30 Black OnyxWM40 Espresso
WM24 Driftwood

AG24 Aged Driftwood

WM29 Warm CherryWM30 Black Onyx

AG30 Aged Black Onyx

WM40 Espresso

WM41 Bleached White

G41 Aged Bleached White

WM42 CharcoalWM43 Cottage OakWM44 Glenoak
WM45 GingerWM49 Clear Coat
WM45 GingerWM49 Clear CoatWM50 Claystone

AG50 Aged Claystone

WM51 Smoke

AG51Aged Smoke

WM52 Celeste Navy

AG52 Aged Celeste Navy

WM53 Red Cherry

AG53 Aged Red Cherry

WM54 CoffeeWM77 Candlelite
WM905 MOSS WASHEDWM908 Exalted Blue Washedd
WM82 RosewoodWM84 Aged CherryWM905 Moss WashedWM908 Exalted Blue Washed
WM909 Periwinkle Blue WashedWM930 Black Onyx WashedWM941 Bleached White Washed
WM58 Coral
WM55 BarndoorWM57 SlateWM56 BajaHD641 Autumn
HD642 IvoryHD643 HazelnutHD644 NickelHD645 Truffle
HD646 CaviarHD647 FarmhouseHD648 AshHD649 Buttercup
HD650 SandHD651 PeacockHD652 Glacier