Kitchen Furniture

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Wood Kitchen Furniture in Portland, OR

Kitchens are often said to be the heart of the home. Few things bring people together quite like preparing a meal, and it’s important that you have enough space and storage to cook your favorite meals for your favorite people.

Natural Furniture in Portland knows how meaningful a beautiful, functional kitchen space can be, so we’ve provided solutions for common concerns in the form of kitchen furniture. Not enough storage space in your kitchen as it is now? We have cabinets and pantries to free up some of that clutter, including ones that fit neatly into a corner. Need more counter space to work with? Move your microwave or coffee maker to a portable cart, or invest in a beautiful wooden kitchen island. Wood furniture is a sensible option for any room in your home, but in kitchens especially, it can make a beautiful statement while giving you a durable workspace.Whatever your needs are, we have the furniture options available to provide exceptional solutions.

Carts and islands

When you’re in the kitchen, do you find yourself wishing you had more counter space? Try getting a wood cart or wood island from Natural Furniture. Our wood carts, such as this beautiful parawood cart, provide a portable, convenient shelving area for your kitchen, perfect for housing a microwave, coffee maker, or other appliance that takes up counter space.

If you need a larger solution to give you space for rolling out dough or chopping veggies, we have wood furniture options for that, as well. We offer staples such as work centers, breakfast bars, and islands that can be charming additions to your kitchen. These kitchen furniture options will give you the ability to work on the meals of your dreams without being limited by space. As always with Natural Furniture, most of our items are unfinished so you can choose what will look best in your home without paying an exorbitant amount for it. Whether you need a small work center or a large kitchen island, we have practical, affordable options perfect for you.

Cabinets and pantries

If you’re looking for a cabinet or pantry, we can help out with those needs, as well. Wood cabinets are great options for discreet kitchen storage without getting in the way, such as this two-door jelly cabinet. We are also able to supply kitchen pantries to provide extra food storage if your cabinet space is limited, both one-door pantries and two-door pantries, available unfinished, factory finished, or painted.

Corner cabinets

For out-of-the-way, smaller kitchen furniture needs, we happily sell cabinets specifically designed to slide neatly into a corner, saving some space and providing extra functionality to your room.These well-designed wood furniture pieces come in varying sizes, from tall cupboards to shorter cabinets, and your friends and family will rave about their beauty and quality whenever they visit.

When you’re designing or renovating your kitchen space—or even just adding one or two pieces of kitchen furniture to it—it’s important to choose something that has both style and durability. Wood furniture can meet and exceed your expectations, and we let you choose how the piece ultimately comes out, from the wood to the finish.