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Wood Accessories and Accent Pieces Portland, OR

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More and more people are discovering crafty ways to mix wood tones to make any room stand on its own. Long gone are the days when everything in your home décor has to match and adhere to strict rules. Today’s homeowners are seeking eclectic ways to decorate their homes with one-of-a-kind wood accessories and accent pieces. Natural Furniture is proud to be on the forefront of Portland’s unfinished furniture providers, offering a vast selection of wood accessories and accent pieces made by local craftsmen and nationally-recognized manufacturers. Allowing various wood species to coexist in harmony can help give any room a unique layered look with contrasting textures and visual appeal. If your home features wooden floors, adding accent pieces in darker finishes can help you break the monotony. Because unfinished pieces allow you to stain them to your preferences, you can break the monotony without breaking the bank. Visit our showroom today to get more inspired design ideas!

Wood Accent Pieces

From vanity tables and benches to stools, accessory ladders, room dividers, and linen cabinets, there’s no shortage on the ways to accent your home with well-crafted wood accent pieces. Interior decorators especially enjoy mixing and matching wood accent pieces to give any room a certain rustic charm and familiarity. Wood linen cabinets have more practical uses than merely storing linens. They’re often used as pantries, china cabinets, or shoe storage options to keep your amassing shoe collection out of sight.

Whether you want to display baskets or vintage pots and pans in your kitchen or floral accents on your porch or in your entryway, wood ladders make the perfect handy accessory! This Parawood Accessory Ladder would make an ideal place to showcase your favorite knickknacks or plants to give your room a cozier feel. It’s available unfinished, custom-finished, or factory-finished in black, espresso, or linen. If your home features a more open design concept to make a small space appear larger, this Parawood Room Divider can help you create natural-looking divisions between areas. Of course, no home would be complete without this Parawood Sofa Server Table that makes snacking while watching television or reading a book on your couch ultra-comfy and convenient.

Wood Wall Shelves

Wood wall shelves help you maximize your space and emphasize specific design elements in a subtle way. While not as essential as your larger furniture items and focal points, wall shelves allow more personalization. A house doesn’t feel like a home until you add all the little accents that make you unique. No home should be without this Parawood Hanging Shelf featuring three open storage spaces and three hooks to make displaying family heirlooms or collectibles both stylish and convenient. We invite you to visit our Portland showroom today to view the latest wood wall shelves we have in stock.

Wood Décor

Have you ever stopped to appreciate what wood accents can do for the value of your home? People love wood crown moldings and trims, and they’re often used in interior and exterior home design! When implemented correctly throughout your design scheme, there’s no substitute for beautiful wood décor and accents. From wood vanities to beveled mirrors and quilt racks, wood décor presents many opportunities to showcase what’s intrinsically valuable to you.

This Alder McKenzie Beveled Mirror would look fabulous gracing the wall of your hallway, bedroom, or living room. It includes moldings for both horizontal and vertical mounts to give you the creative freedom to hang it however you see fit. This Parawood Quilt Rack could be used to display your favorite hand-made quilt in the living room or bedroom. Wood décor helps you create stunning conversation pieces in your home that speak to you and your guests!

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When it comes to mixing and matching wood accessories and accent pieces in your home, be sure you begin with a central focal point or anchor piece in each room. Whether it’s a gorgeous cherry coffee table in your living room or your dining room’s sturdy oak china cabinet, you’ll want to accent the rest of the space according to the tone set by your signature piece. Selecting the right wood accessories and accent pieces can be a little overwhelming at first, but once you’re open to the idea, you’re in for a fun and rewarding home-decorating experience. For more useful design ideas, be sure to stop by or call Natural Furniture in Portland, Oregon. Our unfinished furniture store is open seven days a week and features an ever-changing inventory to ensure our customers are always given a premium selection of quality furniture available at the best prices!