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Finishing furniture is an art form – you can create whatever you want. Use stains, paints, glazes and topcoats to give your furniture a look that fits in with the style of your home, whether you like your furniture distressed, antiqued, glazed or a clean-looking new finish. Mix and match oil- or water-based stains, paints, glazes and top coats to achieve a look that is uniquely you.

Here are some professional finishing tips and ideas from the gang at General Finishes, along with a full list of their retail products, which we carry in our store.

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    Refinishing & Upcycling Cabinets With Milk Paint

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    Overview of DIY and Retail Finishes from General Finishes

  • How to Repurpose Cabinets with Java Gel Stain

  • How To Apply Gel Stain On Bare Wood

General Finishes Products

Exterior Finishes

  • Exterior 450 Wood Stain | Water Based

    Exterior 450 Wood Stains contain U.V. absorbers that stabilize the finish and mildewcides to retard mold. For exterior use only, these stains work well on outdoor projects such as patio furniture, outdoor kitchens, garage doors, entrance doors...

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Oil Based Wood Stains & Sealers

  • Liquid Wood Stains | Oil Based

    General Finishes Oil Based Wood Stains have been a standard for liquid oil based stains since 1928. They are for indoor projects only and are made with the highest-quality oils, pigments and resins.

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  • Gel Stains | Oil Based

    General Finishes Gel Stains are heavy-bodied and pigment rich, providing the richest, deepest color of any oil based stain. They do not penetrate wood as much as liquid oil-based stains, making them an excellent choice for difficult-to-stain...

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Water Based Paints, Pearl Effects & Glazes

  • Pearl Effects Paints | Water Based

    Pearl Effects are acrylic pearlescent, metallic paints. They can be thinned for glazing and textured applications, or used straight from the can for a solid look. WARNING: TEST FOR COMPATIBILITY WHEN USING THIS PRODUCT WITH PRODUCTS FROM OTHER...

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  • Milk Paints | Water Based

    Milk Paint is a premium indoor and outdoor paint. It comes pre-mixed and is UV resistant. Not a true, old-world "casein-based milk paint," but a modern, mineral-based version with excellent flow and leveling. WARNING: TEST FOR COMPATIBILITY...

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  • Chalk Style Paints | Water Based

    Chalk Style Paint from General Finishes is a casual, chalky interior matte paint with a color palette inspired by American favorites, British tradition and Scandinavian hues that complement GF's Milk Paint line.

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Water Based Wood Stains & Dye Stains

  • Glaze Effects | Water Based

    Glaze Effects from General Finishes are translucent colors ideal for decorative applications such as glazing and distressing. These colors can be intermixed or layered and perform well over GF Milk Paint, Chalk Style Paint, stains and topcoats...

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Water Based Wood Stains and Dye Stains

  • Wood Stains | Water Based

    Water Based Wood Stains from General Finishes spread easily, are repairable, intermixable, and have excellent open time. The thicker formula allows controlled penetration, which will reduce blotching on softer woods such as Aspen, Pine and...

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  • Dye Stains | Water Based

    Dye stains penetrate deep into the wood, highlight the grain and add a depth and vibrancy unlike any other General Finishes stain. Create custom colors by intermixing; tone by mixing with a GF waterbased topcoat; or layer beneath waterbased...

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